College road trip

The list of games for adults and children will take place on the road

It wasn’t ten years ago

1. While you were sleeping-the best choice for the sleepless passengers

Description: When some of yours are

  • Someone has to go to sleep
  • Other people have to start building their own stories
  • Each person has his own turn to add a new fact to the story
  • Tell that story to a sleeping man when he or she is
  • Everyone may lose a point or two if they violate the character or leave the script
  • In the event that a sleeping person is convinced, each of you gets three points
  • If a man joins the story, they take all the points in their assessment
  • A man with a higher ball after arrival at the destination wins
  • 2. Good Old Guid Game

    Description: Try to guess that the person is thinking about asking him 21 different questions

  • A man’s starting to think about some particular thing
  • Every passenger puts the question in turn
  • No question should be asked twice
  • The user who guessed correctly begins the next round
  • 3. Fact or Fiction

    Description: This is a fun game of facts or fiction. Just now

  • Every passenger points to the fact of counterfeiting or reality
  • Other people should know that the fact is true or false
  • They can ask questions in order to get more detailed information
  • Each passenger receives points for correct answers
  • Description: Each user must connect one part of the text to another

  • Someone has to start singing a song
  • Another user must continue to sing another song
  • The songs should be close to the lyric and melodiously
  • Description: guess the connection between two actors or actresses in the movie

  • One name is a movie star
  • The next passenger is calling a movie with that star
  • Then another actor or actress from this movie
  • This will continue until someone makes a mistake
  • 6. Happenor unfortunately

    Description: Show your optimism. Please say that is a positive situation in an unfavourable situation

  • One passenger starts talking about a happy situation
  • Next time there will be some negative attitude to this situation
  • Then the next person says he’s lucky, and the game moves on
  • 7. Alphabets categories

    Description: Listed in alphabetical order are the various functions related to others

  • Specify a category, such as cars, genres, stripes, and so on
  • One starts with A, and everybody goes alphabetical
  • 8. The Game About Regional Food

    Description: Get a

  • Every time you stop at the gas station, you have to find the local food
  • One station means one element
  • Food security should not only be related but also established in that particular region
  • Only source elements without duplicates from other passengers
  • A man with most originals wins
  • 9. Game count

    Description: You must wait until someone breaks for too long

  • Someone starts with a number
  • The next user must quickly report the next number
  • In the case of multiple names, you start all over again
  • Pause is maximum in five seconds
  • Try to get to a specific number, for example, 30 or 50
  • 10. Game of names or cities

    Description: Connect the first and last names of famous people, cities, or any other category

  • Start with the name of a celebrity or a city
  • The next passenger should name another name that starts with the same letter as the previous word
  • The person who pauses for too long the queue or leaves the game
  • 11. Battle of the bitumen

    Description: This is the best game for two people. You have to pick up the best song of the band

  • You must specify a category, such as “songs about rain” or “any song.”
  • The passengers should come with the song as soon as possible
  • Consider that one minute is not used
  • Every man plays his own song for others
  • Other passengers have to pick up the winner of the round
  • This man with the best songs eventually wins
  • 12. Good Old Word Association

    Description: The main idea of this game is to get a little bit from one association to another

  • The first person calls any word they want
  • The next passenger calls the word that connects to the previous one
  • The game continues until someone names something from the clue
  • 13. Cora’s on my side

    Description: Light game to get your attention. You must find the cow or any other object

  • Whenever a passenger sees a cow (or any other object agreed), they have to shout
  • “The cows are on my side!” works fine, but you can take any other phrase that you like
  • And the more cows you see, the more points you get
  • Besides, you get a point if you see a cow on the side of another person
  • You can also steal all the other passengers in case you see the Earth
  • A long journey is often dull, but with a couple of interesting and entertaining games, even the longest and most difficult road can be exciting. And in case you don’t have fun with yours