Extended essay

How do you write Extended Essay?

An extended essay is one of the most terrible tasks a student can face. It is a type of research paper with a deep and clear analysis of the subject. The standard scheme of introduction, body and opinion is the basis. Our team has gathered the most useful tips from various examples of successful extension. Now you can recognize it and write your own extended essay from scratch. Or get essay help online

What is Extended Espay?

What is an advanced essay and its definition? It is important to note that an extensive essay format requires an article of 4,000 words. This should be the point that should be created under the control of the advisor. The extended essay is one of the most important parts of your IB-diplomats. If you succeed, you will get three extra points for the evaluation of your diploma

If you have a free theme, you need to define the area in which you are interested. Just imagine the topic you’d like to discover and describe. You’ll need a little brainstorming. Try to write everything that comes to mind and picks up the best ideas

The advanced sample examples

You can write about the WWII in your extended essay, but this topic should be sugimo to make sense. If you have found a great idea, you need to find something in it to get more specific and unique. If there’s not enough room for the study, just go back to the brainstorming session. You are now ready to create your research question

Extended Essay partitions

The number of good essays on essays is very large. You have to ask your question according to your theme and the main topic

Topics for the topics

Essay Extended Definitions: Sections

Visual topics in Arts Extended Essay

  • The descendants of the bronze age
  • Early utensils of Greece
  • The Dominance of Athens
  • The Hellenistic and the Roman Potters
  • The sculpture in Archic Greece
  • Classic period sculpture
  • The Hellenistic period
  • Computer Science Extended Essay: Themes

  • Applications, algorithms, and architectures with data redundancy
  • Artificial intelligence and its evolution in modern robots
  • Bioinformatics. The use of biomedical medicine in modern medicine
  • Computer as an assistant in education
  • Databases and data centers for natural language processing
  • New technologies for modern computing equipment
  • Unautomated or computer-like
  • Large network
  • In order to understand your extended essay and even learn how to write an extended essay, you need an advisor.  And the best way to make a choice is to get someone who is well aware of the specialist in your theme. It is obvious that the history teacher is not the best match if you write an extended description of the essay about Matemate

    This is not the main requirement, but it is very useful, especially if you don’t even understand what extend IB is. Try to get help from different sources. It’s always good to have an assistant

    And the sooner you start, the better. With the ideal assistant, you can finish your extended essay samples and avoid this terrible hurry before the deadline. Just do it on your summer vacation or step by step every day

    How to write Extended Essay

    Thus, the structure has the same structure as any other theoretical paper you are used to. Let’ s review it in more detail

    The extended essay structure has the same functionality as

    The definition of an extended definition can reflect

    Annotated bibliography

    This part of the task requires your focus to be read from sources. The main thing is to create a separate page with all quotations used in your extended essay. Do not put this step at the very end of the writing process. Just start at the first rate you use, and then add new

    Successful examples of extended essay have all their parts and the title page is no exception. Perhaps you think it’s just the cover of your essay, but it’s an important component, and you have to consider it properly

    Try using the extended essay IB format in every minute detail to succeed. It’s the face of your extended essay. This should be a separate document with the name of your essay, your name and the IB number.

    How to write Extended Essay Introduction and Body

    It’s time to learn how to write an advanced essay. This part always believes that the writer should point out his thesis and the research question. In order to achieve the highest level, it is necessary to be clear and convincing. Your theme should be described and clearly presented to the reader

    Don’t forget to mention the importance of the topic. This should always be the basis for the study of the topic. If the topic does not matter and there is no need to study it, the chances of success are less than the minimum.

    In the Body section, you must open the entire topic and present your support arguments. Use standard three paragraphs for this type of essay. Include a single argument for each paragraph. Use quotation marks if necessary

    Extended Essay Conclusion

    Extended essay conclusion refers to the development of arguments. Do not use new themes or themes. This is your last chance to surprise the reader. You must restate the main theses, but not just repeat this argument. Make it unique so you don’t show that you have a full understanding of the subject and theme

    Learn more about the extended Espay format

  • The main research issue of your extended definition should be clear and clear. Do not tie it down and focus it
  • When presenting your thesis, do not forget to mention why the whole topic has the meaning and value of the study
  • Use as many sources as possible. For the whole picture to be more diverse and persuasive, primary, secondary and tertiary sources of information must be available
  • Do not forget to include all sources and quotes in the annotated bibliography
  • Make sure you understand the whole subject without doubt
  • Make your essay logical. It should be easy to read. Start with the schema and use it as a constructor for the logical essay. Do not use any additional information if it is not used. It’s not about how many words you can write about
  • Every fact should be carefully reviewed before you turn it on in your essay. Nobody wants to read simple facts. Instead, it must strike and focus
  • Do not use tonnes of passive constructions.
  • Conclusion is an essential part of the essay. Don’t just overdo your thesis. It is not recommended to make it very similar to the Introduction
  • Don’t forget to subtract and edit your advanced essay. This is a very important part. Many students did not pay attention to this. Even well-written essays can be destroyed by a large number of errors in grammar and spelling.
  • Extended Essay Writing Tips from Our Professional Team

    This essay is not the easiest type to work. But you can do it better if you have a few tips from our experts. There are several things in your writing process that can change the big difference. You should note that the balance between cold mind and enthusiasm for your theme is crucial. You can create a 8,000-word paper from the beginning, but remember that the maximum word size for this type of paper is 4000 words. But it just depends on the subject. Some of them require only 2,000 words for a full investigation

    We advise you to start as soon as possible. You should always remember that you will have to deal with this task sooner or later. If you’ve already made your extended essay in the second year, you will be the happest person in the universe, believe us. If you want to start early or a deadline, you can always order any kind of paper from our experts in the simplest way